The Vineyard Church is a community that is just beginning. Right now we are a shared dream held by a small group of people who desire to see a Vineyard church in the Bryan/College Station area where it’s O.K. to wrestle with your faith and how that faith is expressed. We are a group of people who are trying to figure out how to follow Jesus and to love the people we interact with on a regular basis.
— Jeff Anderle- Lead Pastor


The Vineyard is a Place. . .

  • where we don't all have to believe exactly alike, share the same political affiliations, come from the same culture, or socio-economic class to be in community together.

  • where it's O.K. to wrestle with our doubts, struggles, and questions about life and faith.

  • where we think Jesus and his way of life brings a richness, depth, beauty, and peace to our lives that just makes sense.

  • where you can make friends, who will encourage you to live a life full of meaning and beauty.

  • where we believe God can be encountered in so many powerful and positive ways and love to help our friends experience that for themselves.

Sound like a community that might be worth exploring?  We'd love to connect over coffee, lunch, or dinner…

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